Becoming a Nurse’s Aide after CNA Training

While it is not necessary to become certified to work as a nurse’s aide in private homes, if you want to work in a hospital or nursing home you will need to take classes to become certified. Even if you work through outsourcing companies you will increase your chances of steady work if you become certified. When you can show credentials and have the qualifications to work private duty or in a facility you are more marketable. In today’s job market being marketable is essential to your career growth.

What is your first step? If you are already working in the health care field—perhaps as a home health aide—you already possess some of the knowledge you need to become certified. The next step is to choose the school that is right for your needs. You can take the written courses online, but you will need to find a facility in your local area where you can do your clinical work. If you are choosing online classes you have to be careful you choose a school that meets the requirements of your state. If you don’t meet your state’s requirements you will not be able to obtain certification as a CNA until you do meet those requirements.

Even if you choose to attend classes but are going out of state you want to ascertain the school you attend offers what you need to meet certification requirements in your state. While some schools do work with other states, do not assume all of them do. Ask questions of the school and even investigate your own state’s requirements; have answers to all of your questions before you begin registering for any classes. Do not expect to be able to take CNA training without doing some hard work. You will be responsible for the care of patients, so it’s important for you to be diligence and take pride in what you are doing.

You may want to choose a school that offers job placement. Although you will want to pursue employment on your own, it is also good to have as many resources as possible. Many employers prefer to go through the schools so they can hire new graduates and train them properly from the beginning. In addition the employer may have an agreement with the school to hire a certain number of new graduates or those who meet specific qualifications.