Certified Nursing Assistant Registration

In order to work as a CNA in hospitals, nursing homes and long term care facilities you must be pass state certification and be on the Nurse’s Aide Registry of your state. In order to be on the registry you must pass an approved CNA training program and a state competency examination. Employers will check the registry in order to verify your credentials and ascertain you do not have any charges such as abuse or neglect of patients or misappropriation. Anything negative on your registry record is cause for denial of employment. The state registry is the organization that is responsible for removing your name from the registry in the event you are guilty of any charges that warrant removal of your certification as a CNA.

You must make sure you keep your registration information up to date. Failure to do so, especially when it comes to your address, can prevent you from receiving your renewal forms and important notifications from the Nurse’s Aide Registry. This is also important so that potential employers are able to check your information in order to verify that what you have provided is correct. This is especially important if you have changed your name or address and not notified the Registry of the change.

You do not have to register with the Nurse’s Aide Registry yourself—when you pass the state competency examination and become a CNA your name will automatically be added to the Registry. However, it is your responsibility to make sure you notify the Registry of any changes so that your information is always accurate. If a potential employer cannot access current information, you may not be hired. While it may not prevent an employer from locating your records, if you have a common name there may be a problem identifying the registry information if the address doesn’t match.

As a CNA you want to make certain you always work to the best of your ability and do not run the risk of being accused of abuse or neglect of your patients. This information is recorded by the Registry and will cause your certificate to be revoked which will have the domino effect of preventing you from being hired for any facility that requires certification. Your CNA registration is one of the most important elements in a successful career, so you need to ascertain you always treat your patients in the same way you would want to be treated.