CNA Classes in Arizona

While each state is subject to certain federal regulations, many states go far beyond those mandated minimums to ensure that high standards are maintained in nursing. One state that really keeps the bar raised high is Arizona. Arizona, through its Arizona State Board of Nursing certification regulations, currently has over 24,500 CNAs. On the State Board of Nursing’s website you can download applications, renew your license, verify that someone has a license and even see a listing of those individuals who have been caught working as a Nurse or CNA without a license or certificate. This website is at

Besides the CNA training in Arizona educational requirements, applicants for a CNA license must not have any felony convictions, must be a United States citizen, must pass a fingerprinting background check, and pass the written and manual tests. Reciprocity of licenses from other states is possible in Arizona although background check and other requirements must still be met.

In looking for CNA classes in Arizona, since all state approved nurse aid training programs use a template approved by the AZBN, the training courses will be relatively similar although may vary widely in cost and length of classes. One thing you will want to ask is what their statistics have been for how many of their students pass the written state exam and how many pass the skills evaluation, thus actually becoming CNAs. This will give you a good idea how effective their training is. Class size is also a good indicator, as a smaller class size will ensure a more one-on-one training experience.

A full list of approved programs as of March 1, 2010 can be found on the AZBN website, at:

You should also keep in mind that some programs are offered at no cost, but with a one to two year employment contract.