CNA Classes in Memphis TN

CNAs in Tennessee earn an average annual salary of $22,000 and progress to nearly $30,000 per year with experience. As an entry level medical career with only a short period of training time, it is certainly better than many other entry level positions. It also is advantageous from the standpoint of job growth as this field is expected to grow faster than many others in the coming years.

Individuals wishing to work as a CNA in Tennessee will need to complete an approved CNA training in Tennessee program so they can become certified on the Tennessee Nurse Aid Registry. Upon completion of CNA training in Memphis TN or elsewhere in the state, you have two years to sit for and pass the state examination. This certification lasts for 2 years before it is up for renewal.

CNA classes Memphis TN locations must follow the same requirement of having a minimum of 75 hours of training which must include 16 hours of specific training in the following areas prior to direct contact with patients:

  • Residents Independence

  • Residents Rights

  • Infection control

  • Emergency and Safety Procedures (including Heimlich)

  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills

The clinical portion of the training covers approximately 25 different skills. There is an approval process by the state for programs to undertake before they can instruct students. To find an approved program or research the status of a particular program, you can go to the Department of Health website located at – simply choose the county or region in which you want to locate an approved program.

D & S Diversified Technologies LLP handles all of the CNA testing and certification for the state of Tennessee. Their website at provides information on test schedules and a candidate handbook. The handbook provides useful information about test content and lists the various skills that could be on the exam.