CNA Classes Online: Logging on to Learn

One of the best things about living in a computerized world is that we have so many opportunities for education that we might not have had otherwise. Whole degrees and training programs can be obtained without ever leaving one’s living room…and thereby missing valuable work and family time. This is also true for those who wish to take CNA classes online; many different institutions offer these classes to people who are self-starters and want to learn how to become a CNA.

Benefits of CNA Classes online

Many people wish they could take classes, or get further training, but they are stuck in a difficult bind. They can’t quit their jobs to take the classes that would allow them to have better jobs. Unfortunately, the mortgage and utilities still need to be paid, whether one is in classes or not. This is why online classes are such an attractive and popular option for those who wish to acquire the training they need to start or change a career.

Some of the befits of taking your CNA classes online include:

  • You manage your time the way you need to. If your only time to work or study is late at night after the kids go to bed, then that works with an online class. An online instructor will usually require that you submit work within a certain time frame—perhaps in a 24 or 48 hour window. Within that range, you can do it as you like.

  • Online instructors are often more accessible than offline ones. A quick email between a student and teacher is convenient for everyone, whereas if you were on a campus, you’d have to wait for the instructor to have office hours—which might not be at a convenient time for you. Online instructors are always open to emails asking for clarification, help, or information.

  • Everyone gets to participate. In an online class or discussion forum, even the shy students are required to join in class discussions, and nobody can interrupt them. No single person can dominate the conversation, and no single person can hide in the back row. In addition, when your answers are written, rather than oral, you have a chance to think them through before you post.

  • CNA classes online will impress future employers. It takes discipline, initiative, and skill to succeed in an online class. Those qualities are exactly what an employer is looking for in a CNA.

Drawbacks of CNA Classes Online

However, there is a potential downside to taking CNA classes online that student should be aware of.

  • Taking your classes at home offers a huge potential for distraction. There are a lot of other things at home that need to be taken care of!

  • You might lose the feel of being part of a learning community. This isn’t necessarily the case—online communication is often deeper and more open than face-to-face communication—but some people miss the personal touch of being together in the same place.

  • You are at the mercy of your computer. Computers can crash, get viruses, get struck by lightning, or have simple translation errors in sending documents. Any of these can cause your work to be late or lost.

These obstacles can be overcome with a good security system on your computer, some discipline and firm rules regarding your study time at home, and active participation in your online community, where friendships are often developed. In the right circumstances, CNA classes online might be exactly the thing you need to take your career in a new direction.