CNA Insurance Company

If you are working as a CNA, regardless of whether in an established facility or privately, there are certain types of insurance that you should consider carrying. You should look into these types of coverage at companies that are CNA insurance company experts.

  • CNA Long Term Insurance – Long term insurance covers you for long term care that goes beyond medical and nursing care – such as needing a nursing home, assisted care facility or a home care assistant. Not everyone will ever need long term care but since it is very expensive (average $2,000 per month), having insurance will cover some of the expense.

  • CNA Life Insurance Company – As a CNA you are taking care of people day in and day out, but have you stopped to think about your family? What will they do if suddenly your income is no longer coming in? Whether you get whole life or term life insurance, you should be sure to have enough to cover your funeral, your lost income, and other considerations. To determine how much you should get, go to for a simple calculator:

  • CNA Malpractice Insurance – Don’t assume your employer has your back in this regard – nurses can be sued individually, and your employer’s coverage is meant to protect him, not necessarily you. Furthermore, the good news is that coverage is not terribly expensive – generally about $100 per year. One site giving free online quotes is Nurses Service Organization (NSO) found at You also may be able to add this type of liability coverage to your home owners’ insurance policy.

CNA nursing insurance is one of those things that falls under the classification, “small price to pay for peace of mind” so don’t go another day without getting a quote!