CNA Job Openings

Once you’ve taken your CNA classes and passed your state exam and received your license, you’re ready to get a job as a CNA. Congratulations! You’re about to enter one of the most rewarding fields in healthcare. Now that you’re ready to work, do you know just where to find CNA job openings?

One of the best thing about being a CNA is that there’s a shortage of CNA’s in the country. So there’s always a need—it’s an applicant’s market. Of course, some of the places you’ll be applying to are major institutions, and their application and hiring processes can be burdensome and time consuming. Try not to get discouraged; they do need CNA’s. Try calling them back if you don’t hear anything after a few weeks.

Here are some suggestions about where to find CNA job openings.

  • Hospitals. Some hospitals have hundreds of CNA’s on staff, and are always in need of more. It allows the hospital to pay lower-paid employees for more of the work, and maximize the time of the higher paid employees. It also allows you to get experience in several different kinds of departments.

  • Nursing Homes. Nursing homes an other long-term care facilities are always in need of CNA’s. There is a lot of work for CNA’s to do in these places, as many of the residents cannot fend for themselves.

  • Home Health Organizations. These companies hire CNA’s to be caregivers for the elderly or handicapped who are homebound, but not ready to move to long-term care. You may have a wide variety of duties in this field.

  • Rehab Centers. These could be drug or alcohol rehabilitation, which does require a medical staff, or it could be rehab for head injuries, surgeries, or illnesses. Any time medical procedures happen outside of a hospital, it is likely that they need CNA’s.

  • Doctor’s Offices. CNA’s often room patients, take vital signs and record patients’ complaints to prepare them for the visit form the doctor, physician’s assistant, or nurse-practitioner. Having these tasks done by a CNA helps the medical authorities work more efficiently.

As you can see, getting licensed as a CNA opens you up to many job possibilities. If you’re still wondering where to find CNA job openings, start with the list above. Give them a call, or stop by their human resources office and pick up an application. They will be grateful that you did.