CNA Training in Colorado Springs

Colorado CNAs earn an average of $27,000 per year with more experienced CNAs earning in the mid $30k’s. In order to obtain certification in Colorado you must first complete training through a board-approved CNA training program in the state. You then must take the exam which is given through Pearson Vue. A criminal background check is also required.

CNA Classes in Colorado Springs – Approved Training Programs:

  • Avanza Education – located on N Cascade

    • 70% pass rate

    • 80 hour course

    • Classes run on Saturdays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays for 5 weeks

    • Current fee for class and textbook is $585

  • Beo Nurse Aide Training Program – located on Hancock Avenue

    • 92 course hours

  • CollegeAmerica – Located on Citadel Drive

    • 43% pass rate

    • 80 hour course

  • Front Range Nurse Aide Training Program – Located on North Academy Blvd.

    • 85% pass rate

    • 88 hour course

    • Day course runs 4 weeks

    • Evening course runs 5 to 6 weeks

    • Current fee is $565 ($600 if paid in two payments)

  • TSOC NA Training Program – Located on W. Woodmen Road

    • 88% pass rate

    • 80 hour course

  • Pikes Peak Community College Are VOC Program – in Colorado Springs and also Falcon

    • Only for high school students

    • 128 hour course

It is easy to see there are a number of locations for CNA training in Colorado Springs, as well as throughout Colorado. The fees are relatively inexpensive making becoming a CNA an affordable career endeavor. Jobs in this field continue to grow throughout the country and will continue to do so even as the “baby boomer” generation begins entering long-term care facilities. While it is unclear what affect current legislation will have on health care, one thing is certain – we will always need qualified health care providers.