CNA Training in Illinois

There are various ways for an individual to be able to work as a CNA in Illinois, and with a starting salary averaging in the mid $20k’s and with figures in the low $30k’s with some experience, it may just be the career for you. Below are the methods by which you can work as a CNA in Illinois:

  • Successfully complete CNA training in Illinois by attending CNA classes in Illinois and then passing a written competency exam. This exam is administered by SIU-C (Southern Illinois University at Carbondale). Their website includes a study guide, test site locations, and a practice exam.

  • Have certification from another state with no violations and no disqualifying convictions. You must also have worked during the previous 2 years or you will need to recertify.

  • Successfully completed a nursing program equivalent to LPN or RN in a foreign country. Will need to show proof of employment authorization, proof of training, and also take the Illinois state competency exam.

  • Successfully completed US military training that includes CNA training. Will also need to take the Illinois state competency exam.

  • Have successfully completed a nursing arts course. Will also need to take the state competency exam.

In all instances, you will be required to have a criminal history records check and cannot work as a CNA with any disqualifying convictions. A list of disqualifying convictions can be found on the state website at . Additional state requirements exist for CNAs wishing to work in a licensed long-term care facility and additional federal requirements to work in a federally certified long-term care facility.

There are various places to obtain information and training. A review of the state website will provide you with applicable forms, the registry, and approved training programs. This site can be found at