CNA Training in Milwaukee

Wisconsin CNA salaries average of $25k per year with more experienced CNAs making up to the mid $30k’s. Being able to work as a CNA in Wisconsin requires training in a DQA (Division of Quality Assurance, of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services) approved program and passing a state competency exam. Currently there are seven approved locations for CNA classes in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. They are all open to the public and each have 120 hours of training. This CNA training in Milwaukee locations include the following colleges and centers:

  • Amber House, Inc – Located on W Hampton Avenue, their fee is $800

  • Art of Healing – Located on N Grants Blvd., their fee is $625

  • C Ross Educational Center – Located on W Appleton Ave, their fee is $650

  • Community Healthcare Training Center – Located on W Capital Dr, their fee is $775

  • Milwaukee Area Technical College – Located on W State St, their fee is $367.65

  • Milwaukee Center for Independence - Located on W Wells St, their fee is $850

  • Quality Healthcare Options, Inc. – Located on Harwood Ave, their fee is $985

Besides public programs, some facilities in Wisconsin offer private programs for those that they hire. One such facility is Aurora Health Care in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Their program is offered various times throughout the year only to those that have been hired at one of their locations. They currently charge a $500 classroom fee and a $115 testing fee for state certification; however because students are hired trainees, they also receive wages during their training. The class runs from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. for 15 consecutive weekdays and no absences are allowed. They also have a Phlebotomy Training Class which may be of interest.