CNA Training in Perineal Care

While CNA training covers many areas of patient care depending on the program and location, one is never overlooked – CNA training in perineal care. Perineal care is the washing of the rectal and genital areas of the body. When a patient is unable to take care of this task on their own, it can fall to the CNA to take care of so to avoid odors and most importantly, infection.

In both male and female patients, the initial steps are the same:

  • Have patient lie on their back preferably to begin

  • Put a covering over the bedding

  • Use a bath basin with clean warm water (110 degrees)

For women, proceed by:

  • Wash, rinse and then dry the urethra area being sure to separate the labia

  • Using new cloth or rinsed cloth, wash, rinse and dry groin area outside labia and then do inside of thighs

For men, proceed by:

  • Wash and rinse groin area including inside of thighs

  • Using new cloth or rinsed cloth, wash and rinse penis (including pulling back foreskin if not circumcised), then the scrotum

For both, finish with:

  • Rinse cloth

  • Turn patient on their side

  • Wash, rinse, then dry rectal area

The methods by which the actual process is done, such is the way the cloth should be used properly, would be taught in a training class, but this outline can give you a good idea to start with. Good perineal care is important to be done at least once a day but certainly more often when a patient is incontinent. Additionally, special perineal care is important after childbirth due to the stress the area goes under, as well as caring for an episiotomy to avoid infection. In these cases a soak or spray bottle may be used as well. Proper training will ensure the CNA is performing this important task correctly.