CNA Training in Portland

Being a CNA in Oregon is a rewarding occupation, both in its service to the health of others, but also from a financial aspect as salaries range from the mid $20k’s to the mid $30k’s. Being certified to work as a CNA in Oregon requires a minimum of 150 hours of training of which 75 hours are classroom and 75 hours are clinical training. Application must be made to the Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN) – the form can be found on their website at which is submitted with a completed fingerprinting identity verification form, training certificate of completion, and appropriate fees.

There is a two part exam (written and skills tests) that must be passed as well. The written test consists of 77 multiple-choice questions from the following subject areas and a passing grade is 65% or higher:

  • Growth & Development across the Ages

  • Role and Responsibility

  • Disease Process

  • Basic Nursing Skills

  • Communication

  • Data Collection

  • Safety

  • Infection Control

  • Client Rights

  • Personal Care

  • Care Impaired

  • Mental Health

In the skills test you will be asked to demonstrate 5 tasks, one of which will be hand washing. You must score 80% or higher on all five tasks. For a list of the various skills that you should be able to perform, read the Oregon Nursing Assistant Candidate Handbook which can be found on the Headmaster LLP website:

CNA Training in Portland – There are various places to take CNA classes in Portland including Portland Community College (PCC). You can read information about PCC’s CNA 1 Program on their website – or their CNA 2 Program at

You can also find all the information regarding both CNA 1 and CNA2 curriculums, news, administrative rules, skill steps and policies as mandated by the OSBN on their informational page at located online at