CNA Training in Sellerburg

Whether you refer to it as Sellerburg, or more commonly as Sellersburg, this small town in Clark County, Indiana is home to a number of people interested in becoming a CNA. With CNA salaries in Indiana averaging in the mid $20k’s and with more experienced CNAs earning over $30,000 and with projected growth numbers all over the nation, it is easy to understand why becoming a CNA is popular as an entry level medical career that can even lead to other medical levels such as an RN.

CNA training in Sellerburg and Clark County can be obtained at:

  • American Red Cross

  • Indiana Health Careers Vocational Training & Testing

  • Nurse Tech

  • Sellersburg Health and Rehabilitation Centre

There are also CNA training programs in the neighboring counties of Jefferson, Harrison and Floyd.

When you are contemplating on a facility to go to CNA classes in Sellerburg, you should confirm that the program has been state-approved and has:

  • Minimum of 30 hours of classroom instruction

  • Minimum of 75 hours of clinical training.

After completing your training, you then need to sit for the state exam’s two parts:

  • Written

  • Skills

Once you become a CNA, if you are interested in advancing your career you can choose to become a Qualified Medication Aide (QMA). You can begin the 100 hours of QMA training once you have worked at least 1,000 hours as a CNA. There is also a written exam to pass to obtain the QMA certification.

It is also important to note that as a CNA or even a QMA, you will be responsible for submitting your certification renewal information timely. In the past the employers were responsible for making sure this was done so be careful not to forget about it and let your license lapse accidentally.