CNA Training Maine

It is very interesting to note that although the federal government mandates a minimum of 75 hours of training to become a CNA that most states mandate far more hours. Maine is one of those states, which has had a 150 hour requirement but increased it to 180 hours on January 1, 2010. The good news, however, is that you may not have to pay anything for CNA classes in Maine.

  • Employer Paid – In many cases when you are hired or offered employment by an employer, they will cover all your costs – including the course, books, supplies and fees. If you have already paid for those things and later become hired, some will reimburse you.

  • State Paid – The state of Maine will cover the course cost if you become employed as a nursing assistant within one year of passing the competency exam.

Additionally, many programs in Maine are quite affordable – some even under $1,000, making becoming a CNA a good choice for someone wanting a medical career. It can be a great career in itself but also can be a starting point to move on to an RN or more.

A few active CNA training Maine locations can be found below, and a full listing can be found at

  • Bangor, Maine

    • Eastern Main Community College

    • United Technologies Center

    • Bangor Adult Education at Ross Manor

  • South Portland, Maine – Southern Maine Community College

  • Deer Isle, Maine – Deer Isle Adult and Community Education at Deer Isle HS

  • Dexter, Maine – Tri County Tech Center

  • Bucksport, Maine – Bucksport Adult Education at Bucksport HS

  • Biddeford, Maine

    • Biddeford Adult Education

    • Biddleford Reg Ctr of Tech

  • Calais, Maine

    • Washington County Community College

    • Washington Academy

    • St Croix RTC

  • Waterville, Maine

    • Helping Hands Trade School

    • Mid Maine Tech Center