CNA Training Massachusetts

Someone wishing to obtain work in the health care industry should look closely at being a CNA because CNAs in Massachusetts earn an average of $28,000 per year and climb to nearly $40,000 per year with experience – all without a 4-year college degree!

Instead, just a little over one year at Bunker Hill Community College located on New Rutherford Avenue in Boston in their CNA program will prepare you to work in a number of healthcare positions.

Another location for CNA classes in Massachusetts is at the Emerson NA Training School with locations in Milford and W. Yarmouth. Their Nurses Aide/Home Health Aide training course is 87 hours of classroom and lab work and 21 clinical hours at a local Long-Term Care facility. The current fee for this course is $895 which can be split into two payments.

The American Red Cross operates a training course in Cambridge. Their website about this program is at

There are various CNA training Massachusetts State Approved locations so there is a good likelihood that you should be able to locate one convenient for you.

In addition to completing the required hours of training, to work as a CNA in Massachusetts also requires passing a state competency exam.

The Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation (NACE) has two sections:

  • Written Knowledge Test

    • 60 multiple choice questions

    • 2 hour time limit

    • Can be administered either in written or oral format

    • You may bring a paperback dictionary or a ruler with you but nothing else

    • Allowed four chances to pass this section before required to retake a training course

  • Clinical Skills Test

    • Taken individually with a test administrator

    • Taken same day as written test

    • Allowed three chances to pass this section before required to retake a training course