CNA Training Schools Richmond

CNAs working in Virginia usually begin making approximately $22,000 per year and can make well over $30,000 per year with experience. For a career that does not require a college degree, this is one of the quickest ways to become qualified for a lucrative career.

Richmond is the capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia and as such has a number of locations for training.

CNA Classes in Richmond:

  • Accuhealth Educational Systems – Forest Hill Avenue

  • American Red Cross – East Cary Street

  • Asher Comprehensive Training Program – Plazaview Road

  • Professional Career Institute (formerly Professional Nurses, Inc.) – Arboretum Parkway

  • Richmond Public Schools Adult Career Development Center – Wes Leigh Street

  • Richmond Technical Center High School Program – Westbrook Avenue

  • J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College

  • Westminster-Canterbury – Wesbrook Avenue

CNA Training Schools Richmond Area Locations:

  • Powhatan High School in Powhatan, Virginia

  • Chesterfield County Public Schools Tech Center in Chesterfield

  • John Tyler Community College

  • Lucy Corr Village in Chesterfield

  • Henrico County Public Schools Adult Education Center in Highland Springs

  • Hermitage Technical Center Nurse Aid Education Program in Henrico

  • Highland Springs Technical Center in Highland Springs

  • Virginia Randolph Community School in Glen Allen

All programs must have at least 120 hours of which 40 hours must be providing direct client care, although 24 hours of classroom instruction must be performed prior to direct contact. Upon completion of training the student must pass a competency evaluation required by the Virginia Board.

Furthermore, a CNA can seek an advanced certification – Advanced Certified Nurse Aide (ACNA) by the following means:

  • Hold CNA certificate and be certified for at least three years

  • Never have had a finding of abuse, neglect or misappropriation of patient property within five years

  • Be recommended by a licensed nurse that has supervised you for at least six months in previous year

  • Complete 120 hours of advanced training in an approved program

  • Complete application and submit fee