CNA Training Staten Island

CNAs in New York earn an average of $30,000 per year with some making nearly $40,000. Being that this is a nice salary for an entry level medical position, it is recommended for those that would like to work in the medical field but do not want to do four or more years of education at a university.

In order to work as a CNA you must be certified. To become certified, the first step is to enroll to take CNA classes. For example, you can take CNA classes in Staten Island at CSI (College of Staten Island). Their course runs for 6 weeks of classroom training followed by 6 weeks of clinical training for a total of 86 hours. There is no tuition for this training as long as you are low-income or unemployed. You do have to sign up for testing and orientation to be sure you qualify.

Alternatively, if you cannot locate CNA training Staten Island locations that are convenient for you, you might look to Manhattan where the Manhattan Institute offers a CNA program. They have a low tuition that can be paid in payments and they include lifetime job placement assistance to their graduates. Furthermore, they are a New York State testing center which is convenient.

If the Bronx is more convenient for you, there is Big Apple Training on White Plains Road. Their program is 130 hours of instruction including both lecture and clinical sessions.

There are also some more specialized programs such as the Nursing Assistant with Phlebotomy program at Mandle School in New York, NY. This is a 180 hour degree program comprised of 107 classroom hours, 83 skill development hours and 30 externship hours.

There are literally hundreds of locations throughout New York for CNA training, so it should be very easy for you to locate one that is convenient. With the growing need for CNAs, you can be pretty sure you will be able to locate employment once you have your license in hand.