Code of Ethics for Certified Nursing Assistant

Obviously an entire book could be written on the code of ethics pertaining to those in any medical field, and being a Certified Nursing Assistant is no different. There is much involved in the Code of Ethics for CNA health care workers. Generally speaking, there are responsibilities to your patient, to your employer, and to the medical field at large.

Responsibility to Patients

  • Keep patient information confidential

  • Treat all patients equally regardless of age, race or religion

  • Consider all parts of healing, not just physical but also emotional and social

  • Practice infection control at all times

  • Keep yourself healthy and do not work with patients if you are ill

  • Show respect, be cooperative and communicative

  • Your first concern is for the patient’s safety and welfare

  • Report behavior of others that is not in patient’s best interest

  • Do not perform anything beyond your qualifications

Responsibility to Employer/Facility

  • Be respectful of fellow workers

  • Work as a team with others

  • Be prompt and reliable

  • Use supplies responsibility to avoid waste

  • Do not discuss personal issues with associates nor patients

  • Know your job description and work within its instructions

  • Be open to learning new techniques and procedures

Responsibility to Medical Field

  • Be professional at all times

  • Maintain the highest of standards

  • Adhere to all guidelines (such as HIPAA) and keep all certifications up to date

  • Obtain continuing education to keep current on new information

We’ve all heard the strongest code, “Do No Harm” and understand it to mean that in all things we should leave a situation better or the same but never worse than it began. This advice is good in any life application as well as being very much a part of the code of ethics for certified nursing assistant workers.