Components of CNA Classes

While the actual classes may vary among different schools and training classes, the basic components will not vary. The components of each class will be based on the requirements of the state in which you are planning to become certified, but the general components of the training consist of training in several areas. The first area of instruction is structure. Students receive classroom and skills lab training as well as clinical instruction. The instruction in the skills areas are provided through lecture, discussion, role-playing videos and demonstrations. The instructors are usually registered nurses, and the classes can take anywhere from two to six weeks to complete. Students will then need to take a state-administered test in order to receive certification.

Another phase is that of psychosocial care skills or what we know as people skills. This part of the training will help a CNA handle the mental states and emotional needs of the patients under your care. You will learn basic communication skills, nonverbal communication, stress management and how to handle those patients and the families of dying patients. You will also learn how to evaluate the needs of patients as well as their condition and mental state.

Physical skills will comprise the biggest part of your training. In this part you will learn how to make the patient’s bed, make sure the environment is comfortable for him or her, help him bathe, groom and dress. You will also learn about elimination, safety and procedures for infection control. Other parts of this training are anatomy and physiology and nutrition, taking vital signs and how to care for patients who have diabetes, cognitive impairment, problems with respiration and other needs that may be important.

You will also learn about your role as a CNA including your legal and ethical responsibilities to the patients under your care. You will also learn about your role as a participant on the health care team and how to maintain patients’ records and assure their privacy. You will also learn everything you need to know in order to pass your state’s certification test. This is the final goal of the CNA training, preparing you for the certification test. However, you must pass all phases of the training in order to pass the training classes and be qualified to take the certification test which consists of both a written and clinical portion. After you pass the state test your name will be placed on the Nurse’s Aide Registry for your state.