Components of the CNA Certification Test

Those who are interested in becoming certified as a Certified Nurse’s Aide or nurse’s assistant are required to pass both a written and skills test. The requirements may differ in each state, so it’s essential to check the requirements for the state in which you wish to work. Fortunately if you choose to move to another state you can apply for reciprocity in order to transfer your license to another state. While your state may not require certification for you to work as a nurse’s aide in patients’ homes you need to be certified in order to work in nursing homes and facilities for long term care.

In most cases you will take both the written and practical examination on the same day. It will be necessary for you to pass both parts of the test in order to earn your certification as a CNA and be added to your state’s nurse’s aide registry. The written part of the test consists of around seventy questions, but this may vary from state to state. All of the tests are in English, but for those who are not comfortable with English you may be able to request the test in another language.

The clinical portion of the test requires you to perform five random functions. These will also vary from state to state and even from test to test. Even if you take online courses it will be necessary for you to obtain clinical training in order to pass the clinical part of the test. The training for certification as a CNA will vary among training facilities but can last anywhere from three weeks to three months. If you are interested in a short term certification program you will need to inquire in your state. You may not be able to enter a program immediately, so you need to prepare to wait sometimes up to a year.

Taking the test for CNA certification opens up opportunities in hospitals as well as nursing homes and long term care facilities. The duties may vary slightly in the hospital setting but all new CNAs will be trained to perform the duties that will be required of them. As more hospitals hire CNAs the need for CNA certification becomes more important for those who have the desire to become nurse’s aides in settings that go beyond private duty care of home bound patients.