How to Choose the Right CNA Classes

There are different options potential students have for CNA classes. While some of these may even be online, it will be necessary to find a facility in your local area in order to take the clinical portion of the training. What constitutes the right class? It must meet with your individual specifications including price, location, length of the course, whether they have a job placement program and the success rate of the students who take their training from that facility. In addition, if you are already working but want to become certified your employer may have specific schools they prefer, especially if they are willing to pay the bill for the courses.

A major concern for many is meeting standards that will allow them to transfer their certification to other states. In order to do this it’s a good idea to choose a school that meets Federal standards for training. While there may be other CNA classes that meet Federal standards, the Red Cross CNA training ( definitely meets the Federal standard. It’s important to remember that although Red Cross classes are not free and may cost you in the area or $1,000-2,000 there are classes that are less inexpensive—you may even find classes that are free.

If you are looking for online classes, you might want to visit Education Portal ( for a list of schools online that offer CNA training. This will allow you to take a look at different educational facilities and what they offer including whether there are scholarships or student loans available. You also want to ascertain you will have the right training for your state. You have to keep in mind you will also need to train in a local health care facility, so you need to make sure the school you choose meets your state’s requirements and that the facility you choose accepts training from that facility.

Nursing-Careers Online ( will allow you to search by your zip code in order to find the CNA training that is right for you. In this way you can choose the school closest to you that meets your needs. You have an opportunity to choose from different schools and can research information online before you make a final decision. You can then visit the school you want to attend before you begin classes. Each method listed provides the opportunity for you to enroll in the CNA training class that meets your individual needs.