Maintaining and Increasing Your CNA Skills

With so many changes in patient treatment, there is a need for all CNAs to undergo period training classes in order to keep up on the latest developments in the areas of their expertise. In some cases the state or the employer requires CNAs to participate in seminars and training sessions throughout the year. However, in all cases additional on the job training will be provided as procedures are changed or new equipment is introduced that change the way the CNA performs the current job assignments. The more education a CNA has the more responsibilities he or she can undertake. As more responsibilities are added the CNA can look for increases in salary as well.

There are advantages other than salary increases to consider. The more skills you have the more job opportunities you will acquire. Though you may be stable in your current position, if you should want to move to another state or just change employers your additional education will have a positive effect on the acquisition of another position. In additional training you are able to obtain will help you in your future quest for a better position.

Your willingness to obtain additional training may motivate you to pursue your career choice even farther. Once you have CNA certification you may wish to pursue the education and skills necessary to become a practical or registered nurse. If you show a willingness to learn, your current employer may be willing to teach you the things you need to learn while under the direct supervision of a registered or practical nurse. While it is less likely in a facility setting, if you are doing private duty cases the nurse on duty may be willing to teach you other skills such as giving injections, inserting and removing catheters and feeding tubes as well as other duties that are customarily relegated to a registered or licensed nurse.

You will need to re-certify every few years—usually two—and when you add additional skills to your certification you will attract more employers. For those who are working private duty cases this will increase the number of cases you will be able to obtain. People who are looking for CNAs to take care of loved ones want someone who is skilled, educated and able to take on the responsibility of full-time care, so it is to your advantage to continue your training even after you are obtain your certification.