Qualities of a Good Certified Nurses Assistant

While knowing how to perform the job duties are important qualities of any CNA, they are certainly not the only ones. There are other qualities a CNA should possess if he or she is to become successful in the career of choice. Knowledge, job proficiency and dependability are only a few of the qualities that define a good certified nurse’s assistant. The qualities may differ and are based on information provided by residents, families and other nurse’s aides who have been working in the health care field for a much longer time. These qualities are some of those that contribute to a person’s decision to become certified nurse’s aides.

One of the most important qualities a successful CNA should possess is having support for all of those under their care in addition to possessing patience, compassion and empathy. These qualities are all important because of the nature of the work itself—the stress that comes with the job can become problematic for the CNA who is unable to exercise patience, compassion and empathy not only for the patients under his or her care but toward co-workers and the patients’ families as well.

A good nursing assistant must also understand the importance of being a team player. There are times when a CNA may need to help another CNA or even another unit in the nursing home. This is not the place for those who have the “it’s not my job” mentality. It’s also important to be a good listener who cares and understands the needs of the patients under his or her care. It is also essential for a good CNA to possess a helping nature and have an attitude that does not possess negativity. Both patients and co-workers appreciate a CNA who is able to smile and appears happy rather than one who always seems angry at the world.

The most important quality of a good CNA besides proficiency is pride. Having pride in his or her work will also manifest itself in good organization skills, patience, the ability to make good judgments and good communication skills. While none of these alone will create a good CNA, the combination of all of these and the above qualities will certainly put a new CNA on the right road to enjoying a successful career and providing the necessary skills for working with patients and co-workers.