Red Cross CNA Training

The American Red Cross has been concerned with people’s health and safety for almost 120 years. From the days when Clara Barton tended the wounded on the battlefield to its current worldwide operations, the American Red Cross has gone out of its way to help people wherever it can. One of the ways it continues to help watch out for people is through Red Cross CNA training.

The purpose of any CNA training program is to help its students get licensed so that they can both get good jobs in the workplace and be helpful to patients and staff once they’re there. The Red Cross training program does this better than most programs.

One way in which the Red Cross CNA training program maintains its good reputation is by training their students in hospitals or other care facilities, so that they are working with people right away.

Students get to actually be in care facilities, on the floors, and interacting with both patients and medical staff—all under the close supervision of their instructors, of course. Since this interaction between different kinds of people involved in health care is a major part of a CNA’s job, it gives them a significant head start to be working with the health community right from the beginning.

Another reason the Red Cross CNA training program is so highly regarded is that it offers its students a broad variety of classes, giving them a background which allows them to work in almost any medical setting. For instance, a Red Cross can training student will be expected to take classes in:

  • anatomy and physiology

  • medical terminology

  • patients’ rights

  • specific care issues (such as those for the elderly, mental health patients, home-bound patients, children or post-partum mothers)

  • legal issues

  • sanitation

  • infection control

Red Cross CNA training is available in most areas of the United States. It follows a nationally accepted CNA training program, but tailors its curriculum to the state it’s serving in. One of the benefits of being licensed through the Red Cross CNA training program is that your training will be accepted almost anywhere you go.

The Red Cross can training program is thorough and highly respected throughout the United States. Because of that, they set some fairly high standards in terms of who gets accepted into their program. There are some people who will not qualify to do this training with the Red Cross. Some of those who aren’t considered include:

  • People under 18. You must be a legal adult to train with the Red Cross.

  • People with felony convictions in the last 7 years. Get back on the straight and narrow and prove you can stay there, and the Red Cross will welcome you into its training program.

  • Anyone with a contagious illness. Wait until you’re better to join a CNA training class!

  • Anyone who’s pregnant. There will be plenty of time to get licensed after the baby’s born!

There are some things that the Red Cross expects from its training class students.

  • Pay a $35 deposit to get started. Red Cross will refund this deposit after you pass your background check.

  • Consent to a background check.

  • Show up to your classes on time.

  • Miss only 6 hours or fewer. It’s hard to learn if you’re not there!

  • Achieve at least an 80% on your written and practical exam.

  • Pay a $100 fee for taking the test. This isn’t for taking the class, just the test. It’s worth it!

The Red Cross CNA training program is not usually one of the free programs that are available to those wishing to take CNA training. However, the costs are usually not too high for people to manage, financial aid is often available, and those who take this training program find that it’s more than worth their extra investment of time and money.