Sample Questions for the CNA Examination

In additional to passing the CNA written and clinical test by the CNA school, all students wishing to be certified must also pass a state sponsored test. The test will consist of a number of multiple choice questions—usually about seventy. In order to make sure you pass the test, you should obtain a list of sample questions for study purposes. By studying these questions and taking sample tests you will best prepare yourself to take the state test for certification as a CNA. Keep in mind you don’t want to memorize the answers but rather analyze why one answer is better than another one.

If you purchase a booklet of sample questions from a bookstore you need to make sure it pertains to your state as well. In most cases the difference is not noticeable; the difference between states is usually based on a difference in the number of hours of instruction in which a student must participate in order to be certified as certified nurse’s aide. However, it’s important to understand each state may be looking for different things in the testing area which is why it’s important to analyze the reasoning behind the answers rather than attempting to memorize them.

How can you choose the best sample questions for the CNA examination? One of the best sources of information is the school you are attending. They should be able to point you in the right direction—or they may even have sample test questions for you to study. The important thing is to ascertain you make the right choice so the materials you choose will provide the best option for studying for the CNA test. You also want to remember the written test is only one part of the test you must pass in order to be certified; you will still need to perform five random clinical functions as well.

Do not attempt to slide by and think you can pass the state certification test without doing some in depth studying. In addition if you attempt to try to take the test by simply going over your classroom notes or textbook you may indeed miss the questions on the test. While you may not know which questions you will need to answer, having sample questions at your disposal to study will provide a better basis for studying than any other method you may wish to use.