The CNA Uniform

No matter where you work, you will be required to wear scrubs. In some cases, there may be specific color requirements, but in all cases, scrubs are appropriate attire for a CNA on duty. The uniforms of today are not the starched and unfashionable look that was part of the past—you could recognize a nurse, nurse’s aide or practical nurse sole by the color and styling of the uniform. Today the scrubs are more attractive and do not have the starched look that made them so unattractive. In fact, many registered nurses do not even wear caps today nor do they have to wear white stockings and shoes as they once did.

These photos show some of the styles that are currently available for those in the medical profession. The distinction no longer exists though some hospitals may require specific colors in order to make their own distinction. It allows the CNA to have some sense of style instead of just that old drab “scrub” look at once existed.Having some choice in the selection of a CNA uniform allows the new CNA to still retain some control over the way she or he dresses for work.

The CNA uniforms of today have also branched into some of the discount outlets such as Walmart and Kmart thus allowing the medical profession to obtain uniforms at a fraction of the cost they used to have to pay. Thus medical professionals in the 21st century can use the money they save on scrubs to buy other necessary items they need in their line of work such as special stockings for those women who have trouble standing on their feet for too long at a time.

Shoes are a very important part of the CNA uniform. Do not attempt to be stylish but choose shoes that are comfortable and will not cause you pain when you have to be on your feet for long periods. There are many styles from which you can choose but some CNAs prefer to stay with the standard white or black uniform shoe for comfort reasons. On the other hand some prefer to wear a good pair of comfortable sneakers. Clogs are now available in a uniform shoe, but you must be careful to wear socks with this style. Under no conditions should you wear open toe shoes even if there are no restrictions where you are working.