What Is the CNA Registry

When you are interested in obtaining certification as a nurse’s aide, you need to enroll in classes that will prepare you for your role in this health care field. You can choose from a school in your local area or you can do the written classes online. If you choose a school out of state you will have to ascertain that the school you choose meets the requirements of the state where you want to obtain employment. There is a process you must follow and when you complete the process you will quality to have your name on the CNA registry.

In order to get your name on the CNA Registry you must take classes to obtain certification as a CNA. The classes will consist of both written/classroom instruction as well as clinical practice. The classes can last anywhere from three weeks to three months depending on where you take the classes. You can also choose to take them at a school, through the Red Cross or through a hospital or nursing home. While the classes through the Red Cross and other schools are not free, many of the hospitals and nursing homes do provide free classes for those wishing to become CNAs.

When you have completed your classroom and clinical instruction phases it will be necessary for you to prepare for the state test. You must pass the state sponsored test in order to obtain your certification. You will need to take a written test that consists of approximately seventy multiple choice questions followed by clinical testing where you will need to perform five random functions in the CNA role.

When you have passed the state test and qualified as a CNA your name will be added to the CNA Registry (http://kbn.ky.gov/NR/rdonlyres/E3FEC77B-CE05-4BB9-A18A-F970123FFFBF/0/knar_statelist.pdf) for your state. From that point forward the CNA Registry will record any infractions against you. This includes things such as patient abuse or neglect and misappropriations. The Registry will investigate any allegations and may revoke your certification if that action is appropriate.

You need to ascertain your information on the Registry is always up to date as that is the address the Registry will use to send your renewal forms as well as notify you of any important information. Employers will use the Registry to confirm you are qualified to work in a nursing home or hospital. Your certification is usually good for approximately two years.