Your Career as a CNA

If you’re interested in something in the health care field, you may find a career as a CNA rewarding. If you are already working in a health care facility you maybe able to obtain free training there or you may choose to go to a school that offers CNA training. The choice you make will have a positive effect on your future not only in terms of doing something worthwhile but also as a solid career choice. Unfortunately with the turnover that most nursing homes experience there will always be openings for new CNAs as many move on to larger facilities or into positions as registered or licensed nurses.

If you are interested in a career as a CNA you ant to keep in mind you will be working with different kinds of people. You have to have people skills and have a great deal of patience. Many people enter into this field not realizing they may sometimes encounter patients who are quite testy or have emotional issues. This is part of the job, and you must be able to handle it. On the other hand there are rewarding aspects as well, especially in the area of short term care. Some of the nurse’s aides work in the maternity unit of the hospitals taking care of women who have just given birth or they may work on the pediatric unit.

If you are looking for a new career that allows you to choose the days and hours you work you might want to think about a career as a private duty CNA. Sometimes you may only have one case per day, but you can choose those you take. Many CNAs choose to work through nursing agencies while others contract their services directly. The advantage to working through an agency is you will always have contacts for new positions when one finishes and you have an opportunity to meet with different patients in different environments.

When you choose a career as a CNA you will never find a lack of work. No matter what the economic conditions may be there are always people who need the services of an experienced CNA. The only difference may be a reduction in the number of private duty cases that are available at a given moment. If you enjoy working with people of all ages you will find a career as a CNA rewarding and refreshing.